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1. What is IVDP?

IVDP is a QMART.QA innovative Program for Potential International Suppliers to explore the high potential Qatari Market.

2. Why IVDP is required and important to QMART.QA?

IVDP is proposed for the following:

  • • Introduce Industry Demand Quality Products to Qatari Market

  • • Creating FDI to boost Qatari Economy

  • • To create Joint Venture between Qatari and International Companies

  • • To prepare Qatar into Export Houses

3. What are the benefits to be offered to International Vendors?

IVDP offers the following:

  • • Exposure to Qatari Market
  • • Exposure to Qatari Investors and Decision Makers

4. How IVDP will be impacted on Qatari SME’S?

IVDP will create new Business Opportunities, Job creations, Self Sufficient and reduce complete dependency on Foreign Products

5. Is IVDP really required?

IVDP is the need of the hour to diversify the Qatari Economy. Qatari Investors are looking for Top Notch International Players Joint Ventures in order to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030.

6. How to Design IVDP?

IVDP is basically a type of Form to be filled by the International Supplier in order to understand their requirements precisely.



Company Name

E-mail ID

Contact Number

Contact Details

Company Summary

Choose Below Type of Business

Enter Country of Origin

Company Accreditations: like ISO, etc

Types of Products

International or Regional Product Approvals Related Details

Do you have International Presence:

Requirements for a Franchise:

MoU Related Conditions

Payment Terms Offered To The Appointed Distributor

Miscellaneous If Any