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medicine importer

Category: Medical

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Company Name: Qatar Pharma

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City: Doha

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Qatar Pharma, established in 2009 and headed by
Dr. Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Sulaiti, specializes in
the manufacture of pharmaceutical products like I.V
Solution Bottles and I.V Solution Bags, Haemodialysis
Acid Concentrate for Bicarbonate Dialysis, Topical
Drugs for External Use (Ampoules, Vials, Eye Drops
and Minims, Glass Vials) and Antibiotics.

With a state-of-the-art facility manned by 200
employees and the latest technology as per cGMP,
Qatar Pharma’s current production capacity per year
is 26 million PP Bags, 20 million PE Bottles,
3 million Jerry Cans Haemodialysis Acid Concentrate,
10 million Topical Drugs for external use (Creams,
Ointments, Liniments, Hair Tonics, Disinfectant,
Antiseptics, etc.). It also has the capacity to produce
36 million Form Glass pieces o دf different volumes
and 50 million Ampoules – of varied volumes. The
Company exports close to 85% of its production.

Qatar Pharma has fulfilled all requirements of
Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP). Obtaining
the CE Certificate allows it to market its products
in the western market. The products are certified to
British Pharmacopeia, United States Pharmacopeia,
European Pharmacopeia and as well as FDA &
WHO standards.

• Bio Hair Regrowth (Qatari
Ministry Patent No.
• I.V. Solutions Bottles – 500mL
• I.V. Solutions Bag – 50, 100, 250,
500,1000 & 2000mL
• Jerry Cans Haemodialysis Acid
Concentrate for Bicarbonate
Dialysis – 5L, 10L & 20L
• Topical Drugs for external use,
Tubes, Jars & Bottles of different
as per requirement
• Glass Vials – 10, 20,30, 50, 100,
250 & 500mL
• Ampoules – 5, 10 & 20mL
• Minims – 0.2 to 0.5mL
• Eye Drops – 5, 10, 20mL
• Large-volume Medical Solution
Bags in for veterinary use –
3L and 5L

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