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Pharma tablet


Category: Medical

Sub Category: Pharmacy


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City: Doha

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Qlife Pharma is a pioneer pharmaceutical
manufacturer powered by High-Tech GMP
accredited production lines, We are governed by
a policy of quality which is at the heart of our daily
operations, and a commitment to our world.

Qlife Pharma was established as a part of the
Qatar 2030 National Vision (QNV 2030).

We match the latest technical and scientific
achievements in the pharmaceutical industry
worldwide, creating ambitious technical
cooperation through strategic partners globally.

We are committed to deliver the latest
advancement and different pharmaceutical
dosage forms to cover all patient needs within
our region, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing
facility located at Doha’s New Industrial Area.

We have combined the latest technology in
manufacturing machinery with cGMP along with
world-standard quality management systems.

• Qvasc tablet
• Cidra tablet
• Indamix SR tablet
• Rovalex tablet
• Loradox tablet
• Qvy syrup
• Cloradyn Mouth wash
• Bavilon Ointment
• Qbal Cream
• Qrex cream
• Qdine 100ml (Povidone Iodine )
• Imukan Kids Syrup
• Menacin Kids Syrup
Other products:
• Isopropyl Alcohol 99% - 5 Ltr
• Isopropyl Alcohol 70 % - 500 ml /
250ml / 4 Ltr
• Ethyl Alcohol 70% 250 ml / 500ml /
4 Ltr
• Ultrasound gel - 500ml / 5 L
• Gluteraldehyde Solution
• Acetone
• DitoGuard (DCMX antiseptic sln)
• BioClean Hand Sanitizer (354 ml /
500ml / 1 Ltr)
• Petroleum Jelly
• Glycerin

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