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Tyre Rubber

Category: Recycling

Sub Category: Recycling related companies

Company Name: Bright Future Tyre Recycling Factory

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City: Doha

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Bright Future Tyre Recycling Factory (BFF)
was established on 2011 as a branch of Falcon
Trading Company which has been active in
Qatar since 1992.

The factory helps solve a part of a very big
environment problem. BFF’s disposal of scrap tires
helps eliminate the breeding of mosquitoes
and rodents as well as in controlling the emission
of toxic gases.

In addition, BFF also converts the harmful waste
into beneficial materials that can be reused in
the industry.

Our production started on 5th of November 2016
and we have commenced exports of our product
to Europe and Asia.

Reclaimed rubber to manufacture
Tyres, Rubber Sheets, Rubber
Mats, Rubber Hoses, Fan Belts,
Shoes, etc

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