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Company Name: Rassas Battery Recycling Factory

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City: Mesaieed

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Rassas Battery Recycling Factory was first
battery recycling plant privately owned in the
State of Qatar, it uses the latest technology on
the regional level for recycling batteries into
re-usable lead and plastic. This factory is the
first to obtain Environmental and Industrial
Licenses to treat Lead Acid Batteries according
to UN BAT International Norms in the State
of Qatar.

With a a 5,000 sqm. modern facility in
Mesaieed Industrial City and more than
30 employees, we are able to produce recycle
up to 120 MTPD of batteries, and produce
more than 90 MTPD of lead products.

This corresponds to a capacity of more than
25,000 MTPY.

The factory also recovers the plastics and acid
and converts them to various useful recycled
products, achieving nearly zero waste from
the used batteries.

Lead paste powder
Our Lead Paste Powder is
primarily a mixture of PbSO4,
PbO2, Pb2O (SO4), Pb2O3 and
metallic Pb. PbSO4 is the main
lead carrier in the battery paste

Lead Metal and Grids
The Pb Metal is the separated Pb
plates grids and poles/connectors
of the battery (Lead Antimony
Alloy) but in broken form, ready to
be fed for melting.

PP Plastic Chips, Colored,

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