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Mattresses Bed

Category: Furnishing

Sub Category: Mattresses

Company Name: Dar Al Naseej

Brand Name:

City: Doha

Dar Al Naseej is a subsidiary of Simex Group,
a leading company in the field of trading and
manufacturing furniture and furnishings for more
than 50 years where you discover the finest
mattresses in Qatar. We have the prime selection
of beds that we produce a vast assortment of
mattress accessories, featuring our own products
and durability materials. Covered with amazing
design and colours offer a night comfort
guarantee, assuring you that the mattress you
purchase will bring years of quality.

Dar Al Naseej brings the best mattress values
and quality of customer service, choices of
foams that enhance pressure relief. This great
support and excellent pressure relief comes
with the best price ever on this kind of quality!
Distributing through a network of authorized
retailers which include most of the major
department stores, as well as regional chains
and independent furniture and mattress stores,

Dar Al Naseej is in a position to deliver on
their corporate goal of delivering high quality
matresses. We aim to sustain and improve on
these high standards in years to come.

Contributing to the economy and creating
added value of the country as being a corporate,
dynamic, innovative and reliable company in
bedding system industry
Become a superior quality manufacturer within
bedding system industry serving customers
through efficiency, technical perfection, integrity
and team structure.

We produce all sizes, colors, designs
and specification of:
• Spring
• Foam
• Folding
• Therapeutic
• Baby
• Steel Bed & Wardrobe
• Bed Base
• Bed Headboards
• Foam products
• Foam cutting

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