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Divans Bed Heads

Category: Furnishing

Sub Category: Mattresses

Company Name: The National Mattress Factory

Brand Name:

City: Doha

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The National Mattress Factory launched its first
medical mattress in 1985 and is considered as the
pioneering manufacturer of medical mattresses in
Qatar. It is a subsidiary of Al Jameel Showroom
Furniture, one of Qatar’s reputed in in furniture
industry founded in 1957.

The company has various divisions like:
• Spring Mattress Manufacture Division.
• Beds Manufacture Division (bed base, head
boards)customized to client requirement.
• Sofas, Arab Seats and Upholstery Manufacture
• Project Division for the manufacture of
spring mattresses for hotels, complexes and
apartments made to the required international
specifications. The company has an integrated
team of technical engineers team execute
these projects in the specified time. Matnaflex
uses state-of-the-art machinery and equipment
imported from the USA and Europe.

• Spring Mattresses
• Customized Divans and
Bed Heads

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