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Registration System

Category: IT

Sub Category: Software

Company Name: A101

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City: Doha

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Combining business knowledge with technology,
our team turns your project into a multi-channel
strategy generating unique, tangible and
impactful results.

A101 delivers business consultancy and tailored
projects for its clients to increase operational
efficiency, visitor experience, the productivity of
personnel and much more.

At A101, we have over 10 years of experience
in Qatar and have delivered countless websites,
newsletters, social media campaigns, CRMs,
data mining solutions and activations. This is
why our extensive local experience helps us
to empower our clients by offering strategic
consulting solutions & services through research
and assessments, strategic planning and

Besides bespoke projects & services, we have
also created our own platforms and software
entirely done by the team such as:

MAWJOOD // Visitor Logbook
(Access control + Security)

Mawjood is appreciated for 2 main reasons:
• Knowing who comes to a building
• Headcount of visitors within a building for
emergency purposes

INSTANA // Queuing System
• Queuing system and visitor management
system 40% less expensive than a traditional
queuing system

RAFIX // Incident reporting platform
(Web + Mobile App)
• Report and track physical issues that require
labour intervention

HAYYAK // Turnkey registration system for
event & venues
(Web + Mobile + Onsite)
• Event Organizers and Event Management
• Organizations providing accreditations
• Theme park for temporary entries / Ticketing

PAYINTECH // Cashless Solution for event and
venues (Cards + Mobile + POS)
• Event Organizers and Event Management
• Theme parks with temporary entries / Ticketing

ENGAGE // Visitor Counting Solution
• All venues for temporary or permanent

• MAWJOOD: Digital Logbook
• HAYYAK: Smart Registration System
• RAFIX: Incident Reporting System

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