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Plastic Pipes Fittings

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Qatar Pipeline & Fittings Company (QPF) is a
part of the Qatar Plastic Additives & Industries
Group (QADDCO). Incorporated in 1999 as a
limited liability company, it is today a market
leader in Qatar and is the preferred choice for
An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, QPF has
an advanced laboratory to test the pipes and
fittings to ensure the highest standards.

QPF has been tested, supervised and certified
by Marley-UK, Unidelta - Italy and Comer-Italy
to manufacture plastic pipes matching
international standards. The plastic pipes are
marketed under the name QADDCO.

QPF sales engineers are highly qualified and
experienced and are able to understand
customers’ specific technical requirements and
provide solutions at site. The company is also in
a position to obtain additional technical support
from its overseas partners and maintain the
highest standards of service.

QPF is also authorized, tested and certified by
most of the relevant governmental authorities
for the use of their products at various
governmental projects.

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