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Bags Pipes Fittings

Category: Plastics

Sub Category: PE Bags


Brand Name:

City: Doha

Albaraa Plastic Factory was formed in 2015.
It is dynamic, fast growing and a leading
manufacturer in the Middle East. Our company
is committed to excellence in every area of its
operations to meet the increasing demand for
UPVC & PPR pipes in the region.

Because of the higher quality of our products
and the resultant customer satisfaction, we have
achieved a remarkable success in a very short
span of time.

The Company has a fully integrated plant for the
production of UPVC and PPR plastic pipe products
and has a sophisticated state-of-the-art plant and
machinery for manufacturing of standard and
custom-built items for meeting accelerated
needs of fast expending industries
in the Gulf.

The fully automated Extrusion facilities are
efficiently exploited by a dedicated team of expert
technicians to achieve customer satisfaction
Customers’ preference of our Company’s finished
products covers a large number of applications
of our environment-friendly PVC and PPR Pipes
for drinking water projects, Irrigation, plumbing,
Sewage network, drainage,Electrical and
Telecommunication Systems both in domestic
and export markets.

Quality control is strictly maintained to ensure
the products meet customer specifications and
international product standards coupled with
frequent independent Quality Control tests
carried out in our company and tested by
reputed testing firms.

Albaraa Plastic Factory manufacture pipes
according to international DIN, BS and ISO
standards and specifications.

• PVC pipes and fittings
• PPR pipes and fittings
• Polyethylene bags
• LED lamps

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