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Rolls Containers Bags

Category: Plastics

Sub Category: PE Bags


Brand Name:

City: Doha

Started in 2004 to carry out activities in
the plastic manufacturing sector with high
production quality principles. By considering
the rapid development and increasing
competition in the plastic manufacturing sector,
our investment to advanced technology and
people continues increasingly.

We continuously work hard to cope with the
rapid successive developments in the field of the
plastic Industry. We always concentrate on the
principle of “added value” in our operations that
are not limited to competing in price, but also
the quick response to market requirements with
high quality and characterized products.

• Low Density Poly Ethylene
(LDPE) Sheets
• Construction Rolls
• Plastic Bottles / Plastic Container
• Garbage Bags / Trash Bags
• Plastic Bags ( LDPE / HDPE / PP)

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