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Adult diapers

Category: Paper

Sub Category: Adult diapers suppliers Qatar


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City: Doha

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Established in 2016, produces world-class absorbent hygiene products in Qatar. All products are designed by world renowned technical consultants from USA and Europe, who also helped to customize the technology used in the facility. The products are designed to give all our customers the best fit and comfort, offering freedom of movement with optimum absorption capacity. The facility is the first of its kind in State of Qatar that manufacture the following: • Baby Diapers (All sizes) • Adult diapers (All sizes) • Ultra Thin Pad Sanitary Napkins (Ladies) • Regular Pad Sanitary Napkins (Ladies)

PRODUCT DETAILS • Women Sanitary Napkins (regular & ultra thin pads) • Diapers For Babies • Diapers for Adults

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