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Paper Recycling


Category: Paper

Sub Category: Recycling

Company Name: Elite Paper Recycling

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City: Doha

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Elite Paper Recycling is established as a paper
Manufacturing Company in Qatar that can recycle
all types of papers. Since 2014, it has worked
towards creating an eco-friendly environment
by providing quality services and solution to the
corrugated carton industry. 

Elite Paper Recycling is building awareness towards the 
environment while contributing to the nation’s 
growing economy by giving gainful learning and 
employment opportunities to the locals.

Elite Paper Recycling specialises in multiple
product lines. To begin the process, all waste
papers and cardboard boxes is collected from
the cages across Qatar. 

From that recyclable waste papers and cardboard boxes,
Kraft paper is produced. We manufacture test liners and fluting
which are both essential raw materials in creating
new carton boxes.

Elite Paper Recycling seeks to build an active
community that cares about the environment and
aims to strengthen public awareness, environmental
protection through innovation and advanced
technology to support the economic, social, human
and ecological development of Qatar. 

It creates an opportunity for the educational institutions,
corporate, general public entities and individuals
to involve in the recycling process together.

Elite Paper Recycling provides with strategic
placement of around 1,500 recycling cages across
Qatar and free of charge waste paper collection
service. We do collect all types of waste papers
such as cardboard boxes, books, newspapers,
magazines, religious books, white papers and
confidential documents. 

Elite Paper Recycling promises to handle recyclable waste 
paper in an eco-friendly manner and aims to provide extreme
care with excellent service to the community
towards preserving natural resources and keeping
the environment clean

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