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Gold Stones

Category: Jewellery

Sub Category: Accessories

Company Name: Ghand

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City: Doha

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Ghand is a fine luxury brand of jewelry based in Qatar,
our jewelry is made of 18kt gold and we provide the
highest certified 4c’s (color, clarity, cut, and carat). Precious
stones are supplied from all over the world to ensure that
we are using the best materials for our jewelry pieces.
Quality is the crown jewel at Ghand where we have
craftsmen specialists.

Our exclusive designs are inspired by different cultures and
the world around us. We can customize any piece that a
lady can dream of with some Ghand’s elegant touch.
Once she wears our jewelry, it will look stunning and
captivating. We specialize with some of our jewelry pieces
with a technique that it can be worn in different styles
where it can last forever, as it will have new and unique
look. Our designs are sophisticated, classy and stylish
that can be conveniently used for daily wear or on special
occasions. It gives our valued customers the ability to share
their special jewelry pieces with family and friends anytime
and anywhere. Ghand serves a variety of choices in our
elite classy pieces, which have been designed with the goal
to satisfy all age groups. We care about intricacy for all our
jewelry pieces and seek to excel in every jewelry piece we
make. Our jewelry can be worn alone or layered together
to create a truly individual look.

Our brand name “Ghand” is derived from the sugar crystals
and how they look exactly like diamonds before they are
shaped with faded white color and in different sizes.
Ghand Jewelry is where creativity and passion thrives.

We studied at a College of Business and had a passion for
trade and had aspired to become successful entrepreneurs.
Finally, the time had come and an opportunity presented
itself after we graduated, we could see our dream come

Our philosophy is to be imaginative, have creativity in
our designs so our jewelry looks unique when worn. Our
jewelry speaks about our different personalities; it’s a
combination of Hissa’s taste of big full pieces and Jawaher’s
preference for elegancy and simplicity. We seek to fulfill
any lady’s dream of a jewelry piece by customizing it to
her preference and liking. We always seek to be creative
and prestigious so our jewelry pieces are designed to be
consistent with that approach.

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