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Decking Flooring

Category: Plastics

Sub Category: Decking


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City: Doha

of wood and high quality polymer HDPE (High
Density Polyethylene). An optimal proportion of both
ingredients gives unique properties to the material,
especially high endurance with low maintenance.
WPC are a sub-type of wider materials called as
natural fiber plastic composites (NFPC).
Here are some benefits of using WPC for
decking and other purposes:

Low Maintenance – Can stand up against the
elements without the need to seal, stain and paint
it, which are burdens associated with traditional
building materials.

Safe – As opposed to traditional wooden building
material, WPC boards are slip resistant and splinter
free, making homes safe for pets and children.
Durables – Wood boards and decks look good
but do not last long. Frigid winters, rainy springs
and scalding summers make wooden material
warped, splintered and faded. WPC is not much
affected by these factors and come with assured
warranties for durability.

Cut Expenses – In the short term, the wood material
may seem cheaper, but in long run WPC is the
better cost-saving material as it avoids costs like
cleaning and sealing. Wood tends to splinter and
warp over time.

A long life – The WPC board has an excellent
performance. It is anti-UV rays, waterproof,
anti-cracking and moth proof. This board has a
much longer life in comparison to the wood board.
High strength – After a long time of use, we can
sometimes notice the outdoor flooring of the wood
cracking. However, in this case, the WPC board does
not crack since it has a good strength, and it can
withstand even a lot of pressure.

• Outdoor WPC (Sea/Beach
Walkways & Yacht Walkways)
• Pergola/Pavilion
• Outdoor Decking
• Outdoor Cladding & Structure
• Outdoor Flooring
• Swimming Pool Decking

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